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Curistech has been designed to ease home healthcare management processes.

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SMS Broadcasting

SMS Broadcasting allows for ease of communication
between agencies and their caregivers.

Cloud-Based Solution

Our cloud-based solution allows all users to access
CurisTech from anywhere!


Keep track of all client and caregiver documentation.

Gorgeous Looks & Full-on Functionality!

Easily manage staff schedules no matter how big or small your agency.

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Get a glimpse into what CurisTech is all about. Our key features will enhance your home healthcare agency management techniques and protocol.

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CurisTech aims to eliminate tedious tasks in a simple way!

Reduction in scheduling conflicts.

GPS function – allows agency to make sure their caregivers are at their assigned locations.


Address: Curistech, INC. 9111 Edmonston RD, Suite 201 Greenbelt MD 20770 United States

Phone: +1-301-477-2647

Mail: contact@curistech.com

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